Get Your Green On

The Winter snow is melting and this Illinois girl is pampering anything green she can find. At night I mist my indoor plants and sweet talk them into full lush. I smile at the new leaves sprouting from the bamboo plant I have on my office desk.  Plants do thrive under those fluorescent lights, hmm..

Every year around this time I listen to the students’, parents’ and co-workers’ Spring Break plans of trips to warmer climes; knowing I’ll be left behind here in the north still weeks away from the tulips popping up through the soil, lilacs budding on bushes, and yards of greening grass.

March is the time to start thinking  green; as spring then summer gardening plans come to mind. My home faces north and the mature trees in my yard provide a nice amount of shade in the summer.  The lack of full sun is a challenge–but I have learned to love ferns, hosta and other shade-tolerant treasures.   What I really miss is the chance to grow something I could eat.  Sure I have a few chives that come up every year  and once was able to coax a leggy plant to yield cherry tomatoes; but I have always wanted to grow herbs, and other vegetables.

Last week I saw seed packets on display at the grocery store and because I am on a limited budget right now I bought a few packets thinking they would make a good birthday present for a friend.  You know something like: Have a Great Thyme Celebrating your Birthday!

Thank goodness I changed my mind and my friend was spared that goofy gift because I now have a new plan for the seeds– An Office Herb Garden! Fluorescent lights are installed right over the top of two flip-top cabinets behind my desk and the entire space is just begging for some greenery!!  I can just see letting co-workers snip some basil before they leave work for the day.  Maybe even an Herb Sale for the PTSO instead of a Bake Sale.  The earthy aroma will be the talk of all who walk by my desk.  Now off to Home Depot for some potting mix and planters.






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