The Beauty in the Blur

I have never had an easy time putting together outfits for work.  I have read fashion articles, subscribed to this fashion blog , organized clothes according to style and color; but the one trick lately that seems to have really helped is what I call:  dressing while blurry.

I am quite myopic and have been wearing glasses since I was in the second grade, and contacts since high school.  Every morning I wake up and start the day without using my glasses or putting in my contacts right away.  The routine has always been  first take a shower, then put in contacts before I get dressed for work; but for the past few months I have been delaying putting on my contacts until after I pick out my outfit. Believe it or not,  I have gotten more compliments from co-workers and friends than ever before.

How does dressing while blurry help?

Reading fashion blogs has taught me that the proportion of your outfit is more important than the color and style of each individual piece of clothing. My blurry image reflected in the dressing mirror highlights the proportions not the details.  It is easier to “see”  for example when a top is too long for the waist-line  or fullness of the pants.

Picking out colors that look good together is easier too. Maybe again it is because I can only see the general outline of the colors being worn and how they flow together. Detailed vision is important when it comes to accessories: jewelry, shoes, and makeup; so the contacts go in before choosing those “looks” for the day.

I  often take breaks in my vision correction just because I want to decrease the hours I wear my contacts for the health of my eyes or take a break from the weight of my glasses on my nose, now I see an added benefit, and that there can be beauty in the blur.




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